Cellulite And Juice Fasting?

Friday, March 2, 2012 8:38

i have had cellulite for 6 years now and i have had enough. i will never use the creams and i never have. they are scams and can make it worse or just be a temporary solution. i just cant believe i have got this cellulte. i am nowere near fat and have always had a very athletic body. it just appeared one day from out of nowhere and it seems to have made it easier for my body to accumulate more of this. for about a month i didnt exercise and just ate junk food. and the price i have to pay. this for the rest of my life. i dont think so. i exercise constantly ever since i got this. i can do the splits. im constantly stretching and doing extreme cardio. can do speed 12 on a treadmill for a whole min. i weight train i do everything. do not bother tellng me what i already know like do squats. my diet is very healthy aswell. my body is extremely toned to the point where its like an athlete. i mean i have tried everythng and put myself through so much pain. i constantly drink water. i used to be riddled in it but now its nearly gone. its going but painfully slow. i mean my butt is pure muscle and toned. i exercise my legs the most. its just trapped fat. AND IM A GUY I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!! i have used honey massage and i think it has worked. made my skin look so loose for a few weeks before it recovered with less cellulte. has anyone ever tried honey massage and its worked for them to get rid of cellulite COMPLETELY!!!! honey is supposed to suck the cellulte out. it just doesnt make sense of all the technology we have and we have no cure for this. i believe its cause of the money the industries make of it. i know theres a cure. but yet again money ruins everything. anyway i am currently 11 and a half stone and my bmi is perfect my dr said. but im getting reallly fed up of it now. im thinkng of becoming anorexic and becomng 7 stone if thats what it takes to get rid of this. i have heard that juice fasting flushes out the trapped fat completely. im thinking of trying this over the weekend for two days. my question is has anyone here tried juice fasting and its gotten rid of there cellulite??? btw do not bother mentioning creams cause i just wont even listen ok. i have done research. I WILL PUT IT IN CAPITALS. HAS ANYONE JUICE FASTED AND GOT RID OF THIS TRAPPED FAT???? this seems to be the most effective way



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  1. Snow White says:

    March 2nd, 2012 at 11:44 am

    the sad thing about cellulite is that there is not really much that can be done. cellulite refers to the way fat is distributed, not its amount, so even anorexic people can have cellulite. creams and such dont work because they do not penetrate the skin deep enough to affect the fatty tissue. pills and juice flushes and other such “oral” treatments also don’t work because they don’t affect how the fat is distributed. massages can help some, but it won’t make it go away fully. liposuction and ultrasound lipolysis are the methods that can provide help, but there are drawbacks.liposuction leaves scars and there is a potential for having even more lumps than before if the fat is removed unevenly. with lipolysis you don’t know exactly how much fat you are removing since it takes time to see the results, so you can also end up with a lumpy butt.
    so summing up, don’t do any juice fasts or anything cuz they simply won’t work. keep working out so you decrease the fat that you have in that region and grow muscles which will help hide the cellulite. massages are also a good thing to try. and apart from that, learn to love your body. i also have cellulite and i decided a few years ago that its just one battle in life i won’t win and its simply a fact i have to accept.

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